Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Level 1 Zen and other ramblings

We have started playing our games that are Training Levels.

Both Jazzy and Apollo have been working on Level 1 Step 1 Zen.  At the beginning of this game they have to figure out what to do to get that treat I am hiding in my closed fist.    The answer, which is not easy for many dogs, is to ignore the fist.   Once they stop trying to get the treat they get a click and the treat.   ROFL  Apollo is VERY food motivated and he quickly learned to sit still and ignore my fist.   Now he has moved on to open hand and that one is proving a bit harder for him. 

The fun thing with this game is Jazzy and I played it in the waiting room yesterday.  I think some of the folks watching thought I was crazy.  Since I had no clicker with me I was using the word yes for the click.  We started close fist, yes and treat, as soon as she ignored it.  Then we worked our way up to a count of 4 before she would go back to my fist.   All in all I was thrilled with her concentration in a rather distracting environment.

Tonight we will try again with open hands using her trick of training just before dinner time when they are really hungry and we can use part of their meal for the treats.

Today is also a big day for Apollo as he gets his last set of shots.  It will also be the first time our poodle crazy vet gets to see him.  That will be fun to see.

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