Thursday, March 7, 2013

Adventure in Gatsby-land!

Today Gatsby came to class with me. Not even halfway through I began feeling faint, so I slid out of my chair to get closer to the floor then fell over. Gatsby came and snuggled with me and I had him lay on me to do some deep pressure therapy. He was an angel the whole time. He'll be coming to the doctor with me tomorrow since I can't go alone.


My fiance wrote a little book about me and Gatsby. I drew the pictures and a friend of ours colored them in photoshop. I can now say that the book has been PUBLISHED! Well, actually we just got the proof book today, and there are some edits to do so that it's perfect, but it'll be available soon! :) Its a children's book inspired by a trip Gatsby and I took to the beach. Here is the cover of it, we're so excited to be working on a poodle service dog book!

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