Thursday, March 7, 2013

Levels and Training resources

Levels is a training program by Sue Ailsby.  She has a copy of the old version of Levels on her site free for anyone to use or you can spend money for a copy of her new version.  I splurged for the books and I am very glad I did.  They are very nice spiral bound books and go a bit more in depth about the program and how to do it.   They are easy to read and have some fun  stories in them.

There are a number of different resources online that makes it even easier to work through.  One is Training Resources a page on a blog "The Adventures of Ayla, Elki & Phoebe   Therapy & Agility Dogs In Training" The writer has made pages, flash cards, and has links to other resources.

There is a Yahoo group  Training Level. 

There is an online Training Tracker

And on Facebook there is Levels Dog Training,


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